L.A girl pro.conceal HD. high definition concealer – orange corrector

Finally….😂…finally we now have a corrector that is reasonably priced, and a brand that now have some of their products available in the UK!!!…I actually purchased my L.A girl concealers from cherry culture sometime ago and remember having to pay quite a bit for postage but now we can purchase them online at beauty crowd and in store at Beauty base!….

I picked mine up at beauty base for £4.99 which I find is quite reasonable considering it’s being exported from the US…(as these concealers are much cheaper in the US!) and especially due to the quality, performance and amount of product- 8g for the price. 
This product is perfect for those (especially for us tanned/deeper skinned girls who always have problems with uneven skin tone!-) of you who suffer from hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone and find that even after applying foundation and concealer the hyperpigmentation is still visible or the foundation has caused the area to turn a greyish tone (this is typical for us asians-indians/Pakistanis to have darker areas under the eyes or around the mouth! ) . An orange based corrector is supposed to counteract purple and dark brown tones hence why I find orange to work so well in concealing my dark under eye circles. I definitely find it to prolong the wear of my concealer as I have an extra layer of coverage and so always use this when I need utmost flawless concealed coverage- mainly for parties or special events and especially if I want that highlighted kim k under eye area! 🙂


-the product is very pigmented and so the tiniest amount is sufficient to cover the dark areas on the face.

– the corrector is very creamy just like the concealer and so very easy to blend out.

– gives very good coverage because it is highly pigmented.


– The only disadvantage is actually an advantage which is due to the product being highly pigmented. You need to cover it up with a highly pigmented full coverage concealer, as otherwise you will find that the orange is still visible .. and that’s something you need to make sure is well concealed – because who wants an orange under eye area or orange patches across the face!?!?!😂

– Another disadvantage is that as you need very little of the product I find I sometimes squeeze too much and end up using a little leaving behind quite a bit on the brush applicator. This is not a problem with the concealer as you tend to use more concealer as you would with this type of an opaque orange corrector and so just be sure to try and dispense little of this product as you could end up wasting it. Another option is to maybe decant some in a pot to get better use from the product.

– Also a problem with all of the concealers is this packaging is that sometimes you get water dispensing from the tube when you first try to squeeze some out and so if you was to directly apply the brush applicator on your face you may get water on your face disturbing your foundation/base and so to avoid this it is a good idea to dispense some product onto a spatula or your hand and then apply from there onto the desiresd areas of the face.

I am so pleased with this product and  glad that we now have this available  in the UK and think it is fantastic for the price and will last some time. I am not sure whether I have used a corrector in this type of consistency as I usually use Illamasqua’s emerge pigment or Bobby brown’s corrector in dark peach which are both creams and so find this L.A girl corrector to crease less.

Moreover it does a fantastic job in correcting as it does aid in creating a flawless brightened under eye area once concealed with concealer and set with powder.

I highly recommend for those of you who need a good budget corrector- then this is for you!


I thought I would just add that before purchasing this orange corrector, I used to use the shade fawn as a corrector as it has an orangey undertone and it did work well, and so for those of you who have this can use this as a corrector too.However for severe hyperpigmentation or for bridal makeup, then the orange corrector is definitely the better option!

Hope this review was helpful.Thanks for reading 🌹

SabZ ~ ☺


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