dupe alert! soap & glory GLOW ALL OUT luminizing powder vs w7 candy floss powder..is it a dupe?

I don’t why but the words luminising, brightening or glowing skin just stand out to me and so I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying new highlighters and in relation to today’s post- luminizing powders .

I consider this to be in the highlighting category but actually not a highlighter as it’s not just used on the high points of the face. For example be it Mac’s mineralised skin finish in soft and gentle or The balm’s Mary louminiser- you can only place them on the cheek bones,  cupids bow, the bridge of your nose and to highlight under your eyebrows unless you want to highlight the whole face in which case you will look like a disco ball and if that’s the look your going for then you go girl! ! ;)-

and coming back to these powders- Soap & Glory GLOW ALL OUT Luminizing face powder-9g vs w7 Candy FLOSS,- described as a brightening face powder, are more like one of the makeup revolution powders whereby you can dust it over your whole face for a subtle glow. It would be fantastic,  for example on top of a foundation that is too matte and is looking flat (ahhh it rhymed😆)  and your face needs some glow back and you can use this to bring back a subtle sheen to the skin.

The soap and glory luminizing powder is an all time favourite- it doesn’t recieve much hype in my opinion but I love the subtle difference it gives to my completed makeup. It doesn’t look like it does much but when I do add it at the end, I feel it brings the look together and adds a nice touch- perhaps better described as bringing some radiance to the skin.
And so the other day when I was using my w7 candy floss powder- I ended up dusting it all over the face and the finish  reminded me of my soap and glory powder! I then grabbed them together, swatched them side by side and lo and behold..they were definitely very very similar.

However a important point to note is that when swatched the w7 one does look more pink as shown in the swatch above and the Soap & glory powder is definitely a more paler pink- but what is great is that they both are quite smooth and soft and blend out on the skin nicely without leaving any shimmer or glitter behind.  Moreover the finish of both products on the skin is quite similar and hence why I decided to write this blog post.

The soap and glory powder retails for £10.99 and obviously cheaper if purchased on 3 for 2, but for those of you who love a bargain and want to save a couple of pounds then the w7’s candy floss powder is a great option….The w7 candy floss powder retails online from anywhere between £1.50- £3.00. However the downside is I can’t really find a store that sells w7 in the UK so keep in mind that you will have to pay for postage. I think I purchased mine from Fragrance direct but I put in a large order and postage was £1.99 and the w7 powder was £1.50 (- not sure if fragrance direct still stock it but I’m sure you can find it in many online stores or even the w7 website. )

This is definitely a fantastic dupe. I love both products so either of them is recommended. Both products are quite affordable and have adorable packaging (w7 is so similar to benefit!😉) and so you can decide which one suits you in terms of price and packaging!!!

So that’s it guys….hope this was helpful!

Thanks for reading! 🌹

SabZ ~ 😆


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