top 5 favorite bb creams


I don’t know why but I’ve always love to try different bases…something that claims to give that perfect flawless face…but at the same time feel good on the skin and look pretty natural…as it’s your skin but better, or if I’m being honest to look like I’m naturally that flawless…:)

So when Bb creams came out and claimed to have skin benefits plus SPF it was all the more better to give them ago and start tying them out as now in my mind I told myself I actually needed them! 😜 and since then I haven’t stopped….

I’ve definitely tried more high street ones and havnt yet caved in and more high end bb creams but I’ll get there soon:)

1. Mishha bb cream

This is the bb cream that sold me, and I just had to get it after reading so many reviews on it. The coverage, packaging and high SPF just stood out to me and I bought the shade #27. This was a new shade and the only shade that had a yellow undertone and wasn’t too pale like the other ones and I ended up paying £25+ for it when other ones in the same shade were half the price.
Nonetheless I love this bb cream. It definitely offers full coverage and has a beautiful demi matte finish.  It wears just like a foundation and I get atleast a normal 8 hours wear from it.I usually like to.use this on hot days braise of the high SPF and really enjoy how it sits on skin. It definitely is quite a thick consistency but looks great if buffed out well. Also unlike other bb creams as it gives high coverage I need to make sure I use a little for a natural looking finish.

Usually like most people I tend to not to prefer just bb creams in the summer as im worried it will melt off but this definitely is one that you can use in summer as it will hold up!

definitely a 10/10 from me!😆

2. Garnier skin perfecting bb cream

After reading reviews on the original version of this bb cream I didn’t even think about trying this and actually bought this as an impulse buy because I saw that it was on offer from £10 to £6.66! – is it me that get a excited when beauty products are reduced! 🙂

As I hadn’t read much reviews on this product I didn’t think much of it when I first applied it to my face and buffed it in. The fact that it evens out your skin and dries to a matte finish is what really intrigued me on this product. You cam also build it up to a medium coverage and moreover do not need to powder and set the bb cream. 

I purchases this in the shade medium but found it to oxidise on me and so have it in the light shade so that I can mix them for a perfect match for an NC35 skin tone.

points to note:
– it has think consistency so be careful when dispensing product.
– packaging is in a neat tube with a thin nib to dispense product, however because the product is runny it may spill if you don’t control the amount you want to dispense slowly.
– no need to set with powder as finish is a powdery matte finish

This is fantastic for those of you who are the go, slap it on you face and out the door. Also for gym makeup pr when just running errands. This bb cream will hold up in summer too, and stay on foe about 7-8 hours..

I would give this bb cream a 9/10 only because the lightest shade is not that light and the darkest shade is not too deep so more shades are required for such a lovely bb cream so that a wider range of people can use it! ☺

a this product is fantastic for those days


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