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I don’t know why but I’ve always enjoyed the process of trying different bases..even if I was head over heels in love with a foundation I am always on the search for something that claims to give that perfect flawless face..the new innovation…..but at the same time it has to feel good on the skin and look pretty natural…as it’s your skin but better, or if I’m being honest to look like I’m naturally that flawless…:)

So when BB creams came out and claimed to have skin benefits plus SPF it was all the more better to give them ago and start trying them out- as now in my mind I’ve told myself I actually need them! 😜 and since then I haven’t stopped trying new ones….

I’m always trying to find good BB creams that actually make a difference to your skin tone as it is widely known that usually the western BB creams don’t offer much in terms of coverage and finish like the asian BB creams (however there is definitely much better ones being released) And so I’ve definitely tried many, more high street ones and havn’t yet caved in and  purchased more high end bb creams but I’ll get there soon:) and so this post will be letting you know which BB creams I recommend and enjoy so far.


(swatches from left to right: Garnier bb cream-medium / garnier bb cream light/ sleek bb cream light2/ rodial bb cream capri/ mishha bb cream #27/ miss sporty bb cream medium )

1. Mishha M bb cream- perfect cover cream BB cream. SPF 42 PA +++

This is the BB cream that sold me- the first one I tried. I just had to get it after reading so many reviews on it. The coverage, packaging and high SPF 42 PA+++ just stood out to me and I bought the shade #27. This was a new shade at the time and the only shade that had a yellow undertone and wasn’t too pale like the other ones and I ended up paying £25+ for it on ebay when other ones in different shades were half the price.
Nonetheless I love this beauty balm cream. It definitely offers full coverage and has a beautiful satin skin like finish. I do like to set this bb cream with a light dusting of powder so that it doesn’t feel tacky on the skin. It wears just like a foundation and I get atleast a normal 8 hour wear from it.I usually like to use this on hot days because of the high SPF and really enjoy how it sits on the skin. It definitely is quite a thick consistency but looks great if buffed out well. Also unlike other bb creams it gives high coverage and so I need to make sure I use a little for a natural looking finish.

Usually like most people I tend to not to prefer just BB creams in the summer as i’m worried it will melt off but this definitely is one that you can use in summer as it will hold up!

Also in terms of packaging there is a fantastic pump that dispenses a perfect amount of product out. So definitely would repurchase and packaging is travel friendly and so this product is 10/10 from me!😆

2. Garnier skin naturals BB cream- miracles skin perfector

After reading reviews on the original version of this BB cream I didn’t even think about trying this and actually bought this as an impulse buy because I saw that it was on offer from £10 to £6.66! – is it  only me that gets excited when beauty products are reduced! 🙂

As I hadn’t read much reviews on this product I didn’t think much of it….well did it live up to the claims of being a miracle skin perfector? well let me tell you that when I first applied it to my face and buffed it in, it certainly evened out my skin and dried to a matte clean looking finish. It’s not matte that you look flat but matte whereby you don’t need to powder the skin.You can also build it up to a medium coverage regardless of the runny consistency which I think is great.  It also feels quite light on the skin and which is always something I prefer when choosing a good face base.

I purchased this in the shade medium but found it to oxidise on me and so have it in the light shade too so that I can mix them for a perfect match for an NC35 skin tone. So when you have 2 tubes of 1 product it really shows how much you like it!! – not sure if it’s a miracle perfector but definitely a superb bb cream!! ☺

points to note:
– it has thin consistency so need be careful when dispensing product.
– packaging is in a neat tube with a thin nib to dispense product, however because the product is runny it may spill if you don’t control the amount you want to dispense slowly.
– no need to set with powder as finish is a powdery matte finish

This is fantastic for those of you who are on the go- can just slather it on your face with fingers and  you can run out the door. Also great for gym makeup or when just running errands. This BB cream will hold up in summer too, and stay on for about 7-8 hours..as it is geared for oily skin and aims to keep the skin matte and oil free.

I would give this bb cream a 9/10 only because the lightest shade is not that light and the darkest shade is not too deep so more shades are required for such a lovely BB cream so that a wider range of people can use it! ☺ Also not to forget this bb cream has no SPF but works so well as a base that I still enjoy using it and hence still scored 9 out of 10!

3. Rodial SPF 15 bb venom skin tint

Now this bb cream retails for £30+ (actually on offer on the rodial UK site for £10 in some shades) and so after hearing Dulce from YouTube mention that she enjoys this bb cream sometime ago , I could not resist from purchasing it at Tkmaxx when it was only £10- and after a couple of weeks I saw it for £6😠 but oh well, gotta be grateful for what I got.

This bb cream has an unusual mousse like texture.  It definitely has a thick consistency. I also found it difficult to blend , especially because of the dry consistency and the fact that really the shade Capri is definitely way too light for me meant I had to blend it in priperly …. however as that was the only shade that was available I made it work by bronzing it up and after figuring out how to use it I do really enjoy it hence why it’s now one of my top bb creams.

This bb cream definitely provides a natural finish on the skin regardless of being classed as a skin tint as it definitely provides a medium coverage…. and that is what I enjoy most about the product. It doesn’t need to set with a powder and dries to a matte finish.

Points to note:

-The bb cream works best if applied directly on bare skin as otherwise it is difficult to blend out.
-This means you shouldn’t apply any moisturiser before using this product as it will just  ball up wihen blending and roll of your face.
-It isn’t probably the best product for dry skin but will work great if you have very oily skin- the product has a dry consistency that will blend easier on oilier skin.

I love the brightened, natural flawless finish it provides. It definitely has a good medium coverage (didn’t build it up too much as it could get cake-y) and love it for days I really don’t want to wear any makeup but my skin needs a pick me up- then this my saviour.

I have to be honest and say that even though it’s in my top bb creams, I may not repurchase it for the full price because it can be difficult to blend and not for those with dry skin. I still love the finish it provides after blending it out on my skin and ould give this a 7/10 (scored less because of the low SPF too! ) but there are definitely better bb creams out there for the original retail price.

4. Sleek be beautiful BLEMISH BALM- conceals, repairs, protects full coverage blemish balm cream with SPF 15. (shade light 802)

This bb cream  claimed to be full coverage as I wanted bb creams that work like a foundation but with the added benefits. I bought this for £8.99 in the shade light 2 and glad that I didn’t pick up medium as this was a good match to my skin. Also like the Missha bb cream this also has a thick consistency and I would say it gives a good medium coverage if built up on the skin- definitely more than enough for a bb cream!

It blends beautifully  on the skin and provides a beautiful dewy finish. I do like to set this bb cream with powder as I find it to wear for about 6 hours without the need for touch ups.

Also a point to note is that this bb cream has a spf of only 15 which is quite low.

I definitely recommend this bb  cream and would give it a 7/10 because there could be a wider colour selection and because it doesn’t last as long as some other bb creams and a major benefit in using bb creams is that they have a high SPF and this one is too low.

5) Miss sporty morning baby BB cream matte- multi action skin perfecting makeup (shade 002 medium)

I bought this in the shade medium from Poundland! and hence had very little expectations for it to work well. It is a perfect colour match and provides a light- medium coverage , evening out the skin. It also feel very light on the skin and would actually be happy to pay the normal full retail price of £3.49. I like to use this when running errands as the light feeling on the face allows me to forget that I have anything on my face but still know that my skin is looking half decent. 😄

For the price (£3.49) I think this product  deserves a  6/10 only because it doesn’t have any SPF.. and also because usually I prefer more coverage…however for the price it’s still a good base which sets to a matte finish and so no powder is required to set it and so I wish I had picked up a few more from Poundland!  😄

So that’s it guy and girls….please let me know what other bb cream I definitely need to try.😆any suggestions will be highly appreciated ..next up on my wish list is the cult favourite : Nars tinted moisturiser.

Thanks for reading.  🌹

SabZ~ x


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