Looking for non clumpy longer lashes? answer is Loreal’s false lash telescopic mascara


Now who doesn’t want a lengthening fake lashes effect to their lashes as Loreal claim to deliver with their Loreal telescopic- infinite length effect fibres lashes mascara, (whoaa what a long name😅) and quite honestly it does a brilliant job!

  I reach for this mascara over all my high end and highsteet mascara’s because of how well it performs and hence why I thought it’s definitely holy grail and well over due for a rave  review.
I have mine in black and in the waterproof version just in case my eyes water or I end up crying ( you never know, might watch a movie and end up in tears😂) and find it holds up well throughout the day. For optimum results I do curl my lashes and find the mascara to hold up my curled lashes quite well through out the day. The only thing is I need to be sure to use a oil cleanser or good eye makeup remover when removing this mascara for it to be an easier process.

What do Loreal claim?
Get a lengthening false lash effect with L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara.The innovative lengthening fibre formula builds intensity. Lashes look

(taken from boots website)

So the innovative lengthening fibre definitely works as I just adore the bristles on this brush.It has mostly small and spikey bristles throughout the wand and the wand is a plastic applicator..
Why is it so good? ..It’s just the way it lengthens my lashes without making them clumpy. ..The tiny bristles almost combs the smallest lashes out and with every coat you visibly see your lashes getting some length…it does provide some volume but it’s mostly about length…and as I have short-medium stumpy lashes, I just love the look I can achieve with it.

It’s fantastic for those of you starting out in makeup and want an easy mascara to use. I find it to be quite effortless and a few coats of this mascara definitely makes an impact- eyes look wide awake and open.

and as I hate using fake lashes I enjoy that I can get some feathery long luscious lashes from it!
Moreover a factor I look for when purchasing mascara is about how it feels on the eyes. I don’t know if it’s just me or whether some people will understand were I’m coming from but some mascara’s weigh my eyelashes down and so I really hate that feeling and can’t wait to remove it at the end of the day and in some cases if I’m just running errands and a mascara bothers me I’ll just remove it… and so this mascara feels great on the lashes and even after a few coats you forget that your wearing anything on the lashes and go about your day. Also not to forget this mascara doesn’t make your lashes too flakey or crispy that your eyes lashes will fall out and so that’s also a advantage to note.

I highly recommend this mascara for those of you who hate clumpy lashes as it’s very difficult to achieve that look with this mascara. Also an added bonus is that I love the sleek silver packaging which makes it all the more enjoyable to use!

It retails for £10.99 in boots/Superdrug and you can obviously purchase it for cheaper if on 3 for 2. However even though I love a bargain in my opinion I honestly feel that this mascara is worth the price and all the hype it gets!

A definite recommendation from me and I give this mascara a 10/10!! love it! ☺😬


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