Ebay beauty & skincare finds! Edition #2


I’ve been browsing the world of eBay (for you guys!) and always on the search for some hidden beauty and skincare gems that are worth the bargain!- if a product is cheap and is just ok then I’d rather spend a bit more and find something that is worth while and actually use it up! and so I’ll be honest with whether I think they were good purchases and whether I recommend☺.

1.) 10pcs Mineral Mud Nose Pore Cleansing Cleaner Removal Membranes Strips Blackhead (conk masks) £1.59 here ( inc 19p which is postage)

I actually purchased these because of karen on YouTube (Aka Mrs gingers beauty channel) who said she preferred them to the Glam glow masks which are quite expensive. so I had to grab them as they are so inexpensive and oh yes,- let me tell you that they are bloody fantabulous!(I just made that word up) 😂 yes that’s joys of tears because I’m so glad to find a product for sooo cheap that works so well. It is supposed to remove black- heads and clear clogged pores and I can understand how it will definitely help.This mask is definitely a hardcore deep cleansing masks which works fantastic to draw impurities from the skin leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean and soft. It did help in clearing black heads & pores too but worked better the more consistently I used them.

The product looks quite scary and is of a thick black sticky consistency which is to be applied evenly  all over the face and left to dry. Then you would need to peel it of once dry and can feel how it may remove black heads as it pulls against the skin…however it doesn’t feel uncomfortable in anyway…- I actually enjoy the process, quite satisfying! 😜

So this is definitely a highly recommended product and you get 10 sachets for £1.59 and it’s completely worth it and I need to stock up ( the seller has over 1000 sold!!). I usually have been using them once a week, mostly on a Sunday so that my skin is refreshed for Monday and we  can start again  with applying our make up on a clean canvas 😉

2.) Makeup waterproof leopard shell liquid eye liner- eye liner pen cosmetics £0.99 here

My first impression with this product wasn’t very good. Firstly because the pencil liner that was supposed to be in the lid was missing! 😐 and so that was quite annoying.  the liner is hmm. ..nothing special – but still good, as it has a thin applicator and quite easy to apply. The main disadvantage is that it can peel off and is one of those eyeliners you got back in the days were you can peel it off once dry, which maybe what some people are looking for and because of this it doesn’t smudge and so may actually be waterproof (still needs more testing)….a major downfall is that it doesn’t smell great- a chemical smell that you get from some makeup products…I think if the liner that was missing was any good then 2 for 99p is a bargain. Perhaps use it for days your running errands or creating makeup looks?!?!? – doesn’t matter if you use it up;) (Update: the seller gave me a full refund because the liner was missing so a recommended seller:)


3) Fashion Women Silver Stripe Cuff Charm Chain Bracelet Bangle Gifts £0.80 here

This product to my surprise was definitely not what I was expecting in terms of quality and appearance. I expected a thin flimsy bangle but curious to purchase it because of how many bangles had been sold from the seller. It definitely does not look like it is 80p and quite pretty and sturdy. Not sure how long it will last and if the colour stays but so far so good ☺.

4)Professional cosmetics brush-eyeliner brush- thin for powder gel line £0.99 here

I’m always on the look out for a thin gel liner brush because I want to see if I can find anything before I cave out and buy the Louise young fine liner brush! The picture displayed on the ebay page depicts a very thin liner brush but unfortunately I was disappointed to find it is similar to the ones you find in inexpensive eBay brush sets.:? so if your looking for a standard liner brush then this will do the job but it’s not what I was searching for….



I was quite excited to purchase this as I love highlighting products and was curious to see whether this product was any good. There was 2 shades to choose from and I chose 2 ( I think one 1 is a paler highlight colour). On first impressions I must say that the product was packaged very well and inside a black box. Moreover as you can see in the picture above there is a lid to seal the product from drying up which I thought was great! The product smells quite pleasant- a sweet fragrance which I prefer then a plastic smelling product so it didn’t bother me. The consistency is quite creamy and very blend-able which for the price is fantastic. In the stick the product is pink with gold undertones running through, however when swatched  it is definitely a gold colour with a hint of pink.

I have used it on my face and feel that it moves my makeup when applied over as does most cream highlighters..however with a duo fibre brush it adds a lovely glow to the skin, and maybe some shimmer too😯. I need to use this more to really know what I think of this product so will get back to you soon….

6) Lipstick Waterproof Long Lasting Lip Mask Tattoo Peel Gloss Balm Cosmetic Tool £1.19 here

From all the products mentioned I was most sceptical to buy this because of how it works. There are a few shades to select from and I chose the shade cherry red. well how does it work? You are supposed to apply the product on your lips, let it dry, and then peel off and your left with a dark pink/berry stain as shown in the picture above ( left- lip stain applied/ right- lip stain peeled off leaving colour behind) have wiped the product of immediately after application and still had colour on the lips! the only downside is you need to use a lip brush to evenly apply the product on the lips so the colour doesn’t bleed around the lip!! however regardless of the faffing around I’m really enjoying the just bitten, stained lips look it gives! it feels great to have color on the lips and not feel like your wearing anything, great for a no makeup makeup look…. and I think those who love the Korean lip look- the one were it’s almost like ombre lips with the centre with most colour and less on the sides! – will love this. 😗 Another major factor some people may dislike is the smell- smells of yoghurt 😯 not pleasant but if you can get past that then go for it! also it’s not a product you can pop on without a mirror…the product is sticky so some may not want to go through that to achieve this effect! !(but I don’t mind this new innovation) also as it is a stain it does last for 3-4 hours and is great as a base to apply other lipsticks if you want them to last longer. I like it, maybe you will too? !?!


7) Nude 12 Colors Lipstick Cosmetic Makeup Long Lasting Lip Stick Bright Beauty

and lastly we have another lip product- a lipstick- I was intrigued to buy this lipstick because of how nice they looked in the picture for the price. I purchased the shade #9 from the 12 colors available. Well what do I think- the packaging isn’t all that great. But the lipstick is ok, creamy but almost too creamy that it doesn’t feel good on the lips. (haven’t used it enough to tell you if it’s long lasting like it claims!) However for the price the colour is pretty but a major downfall is that the lid doesn’t close properly- 😬
you put it in your make up bag and get lipstick everywhere!!!😐 .

Just to add shipping didn’t take too long for any of the items, up to 7-10 days considering most items were being shipped from china so don’t expect it to arrive anytime soon……..lol!:)

So that’s it guys, hope you enjoyed my beauty finds… now I’m off to search for more new beauty gems so until then! take care…

thanks for reading!✌


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