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Using  SPF  is a fundamental part of my skin care regime which I follow on a daily basis – because of the benefits of using it I make sure I apply it generously before makeup or even when I am not wearing makeup. The amount of problems that can occur without SPF is pretty scary in my opinion and so I’d rather be safe than sorry!

Unprotected sun exposure is dangerous

Sunlight consists of ultraviolet (UV) rays, as well as related rays such as UVA, UVB, and UVC.

  • UVA rays are present throughout the day and are the most important cause of premature aging of the skin. In addition, UVA rays are responsible for photosensitivity reactions and also contribute to skin cancer.

  • UVB rays are most intense from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and are most responsible for sunburn and skin cancer development.

  • UVC rays are filtered by the ozone layer and do not reach the earth’s surface. (taken from

Also factors that can be prevented whilst wearing sun screen is: ( taken from

What are the top five reasons you believe everyone should wear sunscreen?

1. The ozone layer is depleting and your body needs shielding from harmful rays.

2. Skin cancer rates are on the rise and sunscreen has been proven to decrease the development of skin cancer.

3. It helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations.

4. It also helps to reduce the appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness.

5. It slows down the development of wrinkled, premature aging skin.

And  so whilst I love using my La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Face Ultra-Light Fluid SPF50+ 50ml which currently retails for £11.33 at feel up to £17 in different stores) I couldn’t help but go on a mission to find some inexpensive ones that work really well.At the end of the day I’ll be using them all year round so why not stock up when you can 🙂

I really don’t understand how this works… You have the same product at Boots/ Superdrug/Tesco/Asda for £5-£10 and find them in your local Poundland or 99p store for £1!!’ I don’t know what the drill is here but if I’m getting the same products for a fraction of the price then I’m definitely up to try them.

The most important factors I look at when purchasing an SPF lotion is 1) whether it has a high SPF- the more the merrier, 2) whether it doesn’t smell too bad, (some have too much of a strong suntan smell that can sometimes linger around!) 3) it feels light weight and non greasy on the skin ( hate sunscreen that makes your skin feel sticky!)And  lastly 4) it needs to absorb into the skin as there a few other layers ( moisturisers+ foundation + concealer+ powder and the list goes on! 😜 )of product going on top so need to make sure it’s a good consistency!


The Coppertone SPF lotions I purchased could be from Korea/ china (-I assume they are from there because of the foreign text written at the back of the bottle)  and are great- light weight and a good base to apply foundation over.. I actually picked them due to the high SPF they offer,SPF 50+++ with UV protect  and SPF 27+ .

NExt up I was most excited to pick up the Piz Buin sunscreens as they retail for £5-£10 currently in different stores!! and so was delighted to see them for a pound. I purchased 2, one with SPF15 and the other with SPf 50+++ UVA UVB!!! Also one of the Piz Buin sunscreen’s have a  lip balm on the lid which is very moisturising – love it! what more do I need to say?!?!

The Neutrogena Ultra sheer dry-touch sunscreen SPF 30 I have been seeing at my local Sam 99p & Poundland for quite sometime and have purchased it a few times. It is is a fantastic lightweight and non greasy sunscreen and am currently using it (also water resistant!). It retails online for £10-£12 ….! So you can either buy it on Amazon or eBay for that price or you could pick up 10 of them for the online price from Poundland and distribute them to your whole family! Lol 👏

A recent purchase is the Malibu sunscreen. I was intrigued by this as it is sold as a moisturiser with an SPF 50 and have seen it retail for £2-£5 in other stores so will let you know how it works out- could be a 2 in 1 product as I could skip moisturiser if it’s moisturising enough:)

I also have also seen the EAD sunscreen which retails for more than £1  in other stores and will be purchasing that to try it out!!

A point to also mention is that some of the sunscreens maybe imported from other countries (most of them are) as they may have the text in a foreign language at the back and so some of them have English  descriptions attached. This does not affect me in any way as surely it is the same legit product that has been released for that country hence the language change….?! Let me know if opinions differ….?!?!

Another thing I must add is that Poundland stores and in general, most 99p stores have products that rotate on a daily/monthly basis so if you like a product then you should stock up as it’s not guaranteed that the products will return! I have bought some awesome makeup from Poundland that are never to be seen again!:( so grab it when you can! 🙂

Let me know if there is any other sunscreens I should be trying out. I have used many from Garnier so let me know if you have any recommendations and no they don’t have to be a pound! 😝

Also I just want to say that I have been lucky enough to find them in Poundland/99p stores so if you don’t live in the UK and prices vary in the country you live in I still think that they are good products and do recommend. I’m just getting them for a serious bargain so thought I would share- also perfect timing as its now summer here in the UK, so hopefully this post was helpful and now you can go out and stock up on suncreen!!

On that note, next up is a  post on a recent collective Poundland makeup haul so stay tuned for that ! You’ll be amazed at what I picked up!:)

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      yes they are very good! we actually can’t get it in the UK so it’s great when we can find it in our pound stores:)

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