eBay beaüty & skin care finds!

I always love browsing eBay for so many things… It’s a place you can shop online in one place for anything, and sometimes you can pick up the most wonderful product from anywhere in the world and get it delivered to your home.(and with free shipping sometimes it’s an extra bonus!)

As I’m a beauty & skincare lover , I’m always on the hunt for good products and so thought I’d start this eBay beauty,skincare,jewellery & accessories  beauty finds edition. Hope you enjoy this series and I’ll try to post every few weeks as I need to wait for items to be delivered and use it for sometime before reviewing it.

So let’s get started, today I’m going to share 5 items.

  1. Tony  Moly Tomatox magic white massage Pack 80g instant whitening brightening =£6.42

First this skincare product is from a well know Korean brand. As everyone raves about how amazing Korean skincare is, I thought I’d pick this up. Now just look at the cute packaging. I love the red tomato like pot it comes in (FYI my daughter thought it was a toy I had bought for her LOL!!)…

It also came with a spatchula to dispense some product. (great for hygiene purposes!) After a few uses I have  realised that this is one of those face masks that instantly brightens your face after use. Perfect for when your skin needs a boost,a brightening effect. I like to use it a day before, or even on the day of a special occasion so that my make up will apply evenly to create a perfect base. The only downside is that the brightening effect doesn’t last for long. I’m not sure whether it gives any skin care benefits but it definitely is a great pick me up skin care product and for £6.42 it’s fantastic! Also not to mention, the mask smells lovely- a lovely fresh scent which is quite pleasant to apply to the skin.

You are supposed to apply an even layer over the face, and leave it on the face for 10 minutes and then  rinse your face. It’s a great quick mask before going out if you have 10mins to spare, leaving your face brightened and soft.

I initially picked this up because I’m always looking for products that will even my skin out and give me some brightness….my skin lacks radiance and so I’m always on the look out for something that will give a glow and give my skin a boost. However I’m still on the search for a product that will actually help even my skin out permanently and bring a permanent glow (I have dehydrated skin) to my face (I know, I know, I’m working on my diet too:)what you eat is what you are!)…but still please comment below if you do have any skincare recommendations.

Also it didn’t break me out but then again I do not have sensitive skin so I get away with using many products….

2. MeNow generation lipgloss (waterproof liquid makeup/lipstick)= 99p


This is a fantastic matte lip cream/stain for 99p! It applies beautifully on the lips and stains the lips and is pretty long lasting. Ideally you would need a oil based makep remover to remove it completely. They have the name meNow generation on them but are sold at different prices under the name waterproof liquid lipstick/makeup or Beauty lady smudge makeup so these are the same product. This lip stain(I really  don’t know why they are called lip gloss!:) is in the shade is 36. I want to purchase a few others in the shade 18,22 & 33.They are not too drying and for the price quite comfortable on the lips.

3. Bamboo brush,bronzer (ecotools dupe?) = £2.65

I bought this brush for  £2.65 to just to see how it performs and maybe use it for mineral makeup application,powder or even bronzer. The brush does say Ecotools on it but I am unsure if it is the real deal. Usually the Ecotool’s brushes are a bit more expensive at Boots or Superdrug so I think it maybe a dupe.

However regardless of this, the brush is super soft, and quite a sturdy and dense brush.I have washed it a few times and there has been no shedding. It is great to apply mineral make up, bronzer, and even foundation! because there is quite a lot of brush hairs, the brush is dense making it great to apply foundation. The brush is quite big and so a few swipes across the face, buffs foundation/mineral make up out really quickly and easily. Ideally I like to use this brush for powder, or mineral foundation ( as I prefer a small brush for bronzer unless you want to dust bronzer all over the face! & for foundation I like my real techniques miracle sponge). It is also great to use at the end of make up application, to buff out blusher,bronzer and make it all seamless and blended on the face.

This brush is definitely a recommendation and I may need to add another to my collection so that I can use them for a specific purpose.

4. 15 color pro makeup facial  concealer camouflage cream palette =£1.90


As you can see by the picture above I have hit pan on some of the concealers and think it is fantastic for the price. I almost thought of not showing this palette because of how tampered it is, as it can get quite messy when using this palette (those of you that have it will understand!) but I did put a picture regardless so you can see that I have enjoyed using it. The concealers are creamy, and have great pigment and so cover up marks and under eyes circles very well. It definitely gives medium-full coverage and so I have got a lot of use out of this palette. It wears quite well and there’s minimal creasing if set properly with a powder. The palette also comes in handy when you do makeup on friends/family as there up  to 15 shades for you to choose from!

I definitely recommend this palette. It’s super inexpensive and with 15 shades you definitely have a highlight, contour and skincare shades.

So a big thumbs up if you want a super  inexpensive concealer palette! go try it!

5 .Professional 14 color eyeshadow palette = £9.99

This palette retails for £9.99 on eBay. I cannot remember how much I purchased it for as it was over a year ago. I love baked products, be it eyeshadows or blushers. The 5 pink/peach/champagne colours (4 colours in the middle, and the pink from the outer shadows) work beautiful as blushers. These are the ones I have swatched in the top right box. The first swatch at the top works as beautiful highlight too. The other 9 colours are beautiful too and some have a mix of colours like merged baked eyeshadows.

The eyeshadows are not buttery soft like some high end shadows or good quality drugstore eyeshadows but nonetheless are pigmented and work well with a good primer. I love the colourful selection of eyeshadows in the palette, and the fact that 5 of them can be used as blusher. The eyeshadow pans are quite big too and so will last pretty long.

The packaging isn’t great as my lid is a little broken but I may need to take extra care next time ! I think the product is manufactured from china. However it still is a good buy,especially because the eyeshadows I use as a blush, give a beautiful sheen on the cheeks! that you don’t even need a highlighter!::)

So that’s it guys, my next few items I have ordered from ebay  are still to be delivered, so until then….chow:)

Thanks for reading

Happy eBay shopping!

SabZ ~ x


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