Brightening under eye setting loose powders: Elf studio high definition under eye setting powder & Bourjois rice java powder review

Today’s review is on 2 setting powders that are quite similar and great to set concealer under the eyes. The first powder is Elf’s Studio high definition under eye setting powder and the second is Bourjois’s  Java rice powder( AKA Bourjois Poudre de riz de java – on Boots website LOL) . Both powders are light weight and perfect to set highlighted areas around the face and especially the under eyes. They both have a slight brightening property so perfect for when you highlight under the eyes and want that brightness to remain.

I purchased the Elf high definition under eye setting powder (whoa such a long name!) from for $3 as the Elf UK website did not stock this and had heard that it was a dupe for the famous  Laura Mercier’s secret brightening powder. – But as I havn’t tried this I can’t give you my thoughts or make a comparison post, but when I knew it was a dupe I was sold and just had to try it!

The Bourjois powder retails for £9.99 and I purchased it at Superdrug and is also available at Boots.


The Elf powder has been designed as a under eye setting powder wheras the Bourjois rice powder is sold as more of a illuminating  powder for radiance but still a setting powder that comes in 1 universal shade. However both powders have a similar effect on the face, but in saying that I do use the Bourjois rice powder on the whole face including under the eyes wheras  I use the Elf powder only for under the eyes.

Both products have been nicely packaged. The Elf powder pot is quite small and so handy to pop into a makeup bag when travelling. However the downside to this is once you remove the sticker that covers the holes to dispense product, the powder will build up and so you need to be careful as the powder can get everywhere. However the Bourjois rice powder has a sifter inside which can be opened and closed so product doesn’t fall out.

Also if your picky about scents then do try to smell the Bourjois java rice powder and see if you like it. (-I love it!)The Elf’s powder has no scent.


Another thing to note is that they both have tiny sparkles of glitter/shimmer. This however didn’t put me off as it somehow does not transfer onto the face. They are both a light weight, finely milled- white with a pinkish tinge powder’s and just set the face perfectly without adding any coverage or colour. I like these especially over high coverage concealers or full coverage matte foundations as I don’t like to add any more coverage and you achieve a radiant soft focus finish.

Which one is better and which one do I recommend?

Both are fantastic products and it depends on what you are looking for from the product. Elf”s studio high definition under eye setting powder is fantastic for the price. The product is described on the website as follows;

– this light-diffusing powder camouflages fine lines, dark circles and imperfections, perfect for on camera or everyday wear. The silky powder adds a velvety finish ideal for wearing alone or setting in cream concealer. The Vitamin C & K infused formula helps to restore and strengthen skin for a revitalized appearance.

You get .04oz/1.2g for $3 which is great as you need very little to set the under eyes so it will last pretty long.  In comparison, the Bourjois Java rice powder is described on the wesbsite as;

Luminous complexion

A delicately scented feather-light powder that lights up and smoothes complexion in one step. Its radiant and velvety finish immediately creates a youthful glow.

One translucent shade is universal and lights up all skin tones.

The Bourjois powder gives the face a slight glow and soft radiance which I really enjoy. Also I love the vintage style packaging ( was designed to celebrate 150 years!- so definitely a product that has been loved by many for so many
& years!) of the product as well as the lovely scent of the powder. It actually does feel luxurious when applying on the face and worth the £9.99 for 5g and cheaper if you purchase it like me on 3 for 2! (not too expensive because 5g of the Elf powder would be  around $12)

So that’s  it guys, both are fantastic products, so give them ago if you have not or tell me what you think if you have? Are there any other highstreet products similar to this that I haven’t tried? Please let me know in the comments below!:)

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