Soap and glory sexy mother pucker gloss crayons review

Today I thought I’d share one of my favourite lip products; Soap and glory’s sexy mother pucker lip crayons!

I’m not one to buy the whole range of a certain lip product or even 5-6 because I’m so picky when choosing lip colours. This is because usually only a few  colours in the range would suit me and unless I like the formula, feel, and colour I’ll only end up purchasing a few to test them out…but I have 6 of these:)

I am actually not a lip gloss girl and prefer matte or satin finish lip products but if I was to wear a glossy finish lip product then these would be it…

I enjoy these because of how comfortable they are on the lips. they feel moisturising and like a balm… They actually could be described as a lip gloss in a crayon form!:) I like to switch to these especially when my lips are sore….(-from wearing too many matte lipsticks!:)

~Slick em on solo or over matte lipstick for shine~

(Taken from Soap and Glory packaging)

These lip crayons are ideal for those of you who love high shine and a sheer lip colour. However you can build up the intensity of the colour if you layer the product.

The deeper colours are wearable because they are not full on opaque so you could try these if you shy away from bold lips.

  Also they make the lips look beautiful- making your lips look full, plump and well moisturised! (Because of the shine they give)Great for those of you who have dry chapped lips!

I enjoy using these on days that I want to wear an effortless makeup look,fuss-free and just re- apply them throughout the day… But in saying that they are great for those days when you have a full face of makeup on and heavy eye makeup- this sheer lip colour is perfect:)

I bought these in the sets of 3 (at Christmas time) but they still can be purchased separately at boots for £9 a piece.

From top to bottom

Fuchsia-ristic; this is definitely not a fuchsia colour and a very orangey/ coral colour. This is beautiful to wear in the summer months and definitely easy to pull of ( if you find it hard to wear orange lipstick because I certainly shy away from them!) in this formula- definitely try this and I will be using this in the warmer months to come!

Raplumzel: as the name suggests this is a beautiful plum/ berry colour and from the 5 I own, this is definitely my favourite of the bunch because it suits me the most and I always prefer darker colours over nudes. Now who doesn’t love a shiny berry lip!??! 🙂

Bashful:  this is a light pink colour and definitely a more nude lip on me but would be so flattering on paler skinned girls.

Nudist: this is similar to bashful but this has a brown undertone and so a definite nude. I enjoy using this with a smokey eye- a perfect nude and suits my olive skin tone!

Plum jam : this is also my favourite and has more red than raplumzel!:) lovely colour and quite vibrant if built up!

A point to note is that the darker colours are obviously more opaque but however the lighter colours still do show up if built up..1 layer is very sheer and you will notice the gloss crayons need warming up and so I put atleast 2-3 layers for colour and shine.

They also don’t stain the lips and do come  off after eating and drinking….but nonetheless I can say that these do stay on the lips better than a lip gloss because the formula is quite thick and so the product does stick to the lips… Moreover you can definitely feel the product on the lips but it is not sticky and still feel very comfortable on the lips.

And  an added bonus is that they smell lovely,  as all Soap & Glory products do!- they have a vanilla fragrance to them which is quite pleasant when applying them to the lips! 🙂

So a definite recommendation from me…:) superb.

Let me know if you have tried them and what you think!

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