Beauty budget edition: Fantastic beauty products for £1 or less !

Today’s post is for those of you who are on a budget, love a bargain, don’t like spending too much on make up or just don’t care about the price but want good products!:) then continue reading as this post is just for you … usually I see posts or videos with top 5 under £5 or £10 but this is ‘ beauty products for £1 or less ‘ :)) I have 7 products to talk about that are a pound or under …..

I was looking through my make up collection and realised that certain products in my collection work so well regardless of how inexpensive they are….. and I reach for them just as much as my high end products and also repurchase them when they finish- now this definitely means they work well and so I thought I’d share them with you… All products featured in this post is £1 (or under,maybe 99p!) so you can definitely try them out and see how they work for you..

1. LA girl liquid eyeliner- black 


Now this eyeliner is super easy to use with a long flexible brush- in a few stripes you can create a perfect winged liner. Also the liquid liner is quite black and opaque so you can make an intense thin or thick line depending on what you desire. Perfect if you’re trying liquid liner for the first time or want an  inexpensive one to try 1st then this is great. It also lasts quite well throughout the day with minimal smudging, fading or smearing… However it is not waterproof. – still fantastic!!

You can purchase it at Beauty base here in the UK for 99p!:)

2. LA colors  jumbo pencils 

These are fantastic eye bases or eye shadow sticks for 99p- don’t think you could find any that are as creamy and pigmented and that last pretty well on the eyelids for this price!. I think they could be a dupe to the Rimmel scandal eyes shadow sticks which I really enjoy using! ( I have also heard that some people say they are a dupe to the NYX pencils)

The top colour is Rimmel scandeyes 011 bluffing ( a beautiful taupe with silver ) and the bottom colour is L.A Colors jumbo eye pencil- desert sun ( a golden bronze colour). Both  are very similar in pigmentation and texture and wear almost the same. However the Rimmel scandaleyes shadow stick does claim  that it is 24h wear + waterproof, nevertheless both are fantastic:)

The other jumbo pencil I recommend is in sea shell,(-especially if you have pigmented lids and want your eye shadow to be more vibrant).I find it is similar to my Loreal eyelid primer. The Loreal Paris color riche eye primer  is a bit better when looking at consistency and colour- as the peachy undertone cancels out dark eyelids but however the LA jumbo pencil in seashell works just as well when applying eye shadow on top and and both blend out well. And so for 99p  the LA jumbo pencil  is brilliant.(~ Loreal primer retails for £5.99 and I do like it too!)

The LA color jumbo pencils can also be purchased at beauty base in the UK.

3. P.s. love brow pencil – Primark’s makeup range 

I use the  shade- dark for the most part of my eyebrows- to define, and then mix a little of the lighter colour (in medium) to soften the brows and match with my hair colour ( FYI: I wear a hijab (head covering) but my hair is a chocolate dark brown 🙂 )

I think these brow pencils are fantastic for £1, not too hard, nor too creamy or too waxy and so perfect  for everyday use. Moreover I enjoy that it has a good spool-ey at the end to comb through and shape into place after applying the brow pencil.

For me this is perfect because I like to lightly fill in my brows so am content with the natural look it gives me.(p.s I look like a clown with strong brows:( )

4. Essence lip liner

This is a lovely base liner for darker skin tones when applying nude lipsticks. If a nude lip is too light then applying this underneath will darken it and make it look beautiful. Apart from the fact that you have to sharpen the lip pencil (-which I hate doing!) I think it is fantastic because it glides on smoothly on the lips and is perfect for my Olive skin tone.A perfect neutral lip for Indian skin tones. I actually enjoy using this alone with some lip balm on top- especially when doing dramatic eye looks/smokey eyes. The colour is in 05 soft berry!! An all year round favourite! priced at 99p it’s superb……:)…it also could be built up to achieve the famous Kylie Jenner lip colour (as it has that berry,brown,red tones)so definitely pick this up!! As you won’t be disappointed! 😀

5.MUA bronzer

I bought this bronzer just because they had a deep shade in their selection as most bronzers can be face powders for us olive skinned girls and so I thought I’d try this out. I have this bronzer in shade 3 (-the darkest they have ) and so  I don’t need to build this up  because it is very well pigmented and quite deep in colour. It is a lovely warm dark  brown (-maybe a touch orange but that works with my skin colour) and would recommend!

6. Highbrow blusher compact

Now as can be seen from the pictures, theses blushes have been tampered with, loved and used quite a bit! I found these at B&M bargains and they also had some lip glosses in this range which I didn’t pick up as I didn’t know or hear about this  brand  and so thought I will try out the blushes first… And oh god I’m so glad I did!!:) These blushes to my surprise are beautiful!! The pinky peach shade swatched above(- they have no shade name- so annoying!) reminds me of sleek’s rose gold blush but this one is bit more pinkier. It also has this beautiful built in sheen and so you can skip highlighter.  They do have some fallout but the blush is quite creamy and for the price you can’t go wrong!

This shade swatched above  is definitely has more brown in it then shown in the picture (- it’s definitely not as bright in real life and a toned down brown-y pink) and makes a perfect neutral blush for everyday use.

Be sure to check them out if your in b&m bargains!! (99p a piece- what a bargain!:)

7. W7 single eye shadows

These are fantastic for the price and very pigmented. I enjoy having this shadow in a single pot especially in black as I like to use it to set my waterline gel liner so it doesn’t budge and prolongs the stay of my gel liner. (Only 99p!)

These can be purchased online….my next post will be about where to shop online for make up so keep a look out for that:)

So that’s it guys, hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to follow my blog, share and like! Please let me know if you have any budget beauty recommendations! would love to hear from you x

Thanks for reading x



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    What a great post!!! I love a good budget buy! Thank you for the tips! x

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      Welcome to my blog…Thank you so much, really appreciate the feedback!:) glad you liked it x

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