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Hi lovelies,

TOday’s post I thought would be a little different to the ones I have recently posted. I intend to tell you which websites I recommend to buy beauty products as I have been buying from them for years- hence why I have so much makeup and the reason I started blogging:)

If your reading this post then you probably love shopping too, and beauty shopping is a online hobby than an actual necessity:) It’s easy, especially with free P&p (sometimes free or free with a spending limit)  and Paypal ; shopping is just a click away to having your goodies delivered to your home!…so effortless and fun way to spend time, and also the time I spend looking at reviews for products is convenient as you can shop online with confidence, and know that the majority of  products you buy will be good:)

In my case it’s definitely something I do for the love of buying makeup and beauty related products, what’s on offer?, what’s the next best foundation?whats being reviewed? Moreover I just can’t wait till the package arrives and immensely enjoy the process of opening, smelling and swatching the products and then use them immediately (and I act like it’s a gift and forget the amount I spent on it:))- I bet you guys couldn’t agree more…

So these questions are always on my mind and so when I see a product that I have been wanting to purchase for a while (and it’s on offer) then I’ll grab it…but that’s if it ships to the UK and if shipping is decently priced..(sometimes shipping is more than the actual item and In that case I’ll just add the item to the basket and then close the page- I just get a feeling of satisfaction even though I didn’t buy it~ so weird I know)

1.) Fragrances Direct (

This website I have used for years, I love it as they regularly stock new items and shipping is only £1.99 (Free delivery on orders over £40).

Some items like Tanya burr’s lip glosses and nail polishes retails for £1.49/£1.99- and you can still buy them in Superdrug for £5.99!! That’s a saving!!

 I have also purchased some Becca products and some amazing foundations like Revlon’s color stays whipped version ( not available in boots/Superdrug) or fashionista makeup (used to be sold in super drug but now discontinued). Also Loreal matte/caresse lipsticks are available at an inexpensive price so they are an amazing site.

I have purchased products from Elizabeth Arden,Prestige ( one of my favourite Prestige compact powder’s I purchased on a whim- was very inexpensive but turned out to be fantastic & great quality) and high end brands including Bobby brown, MAC cosmetics, Sheseido & glo minerals are stocked up.They have quite a large variety of beauty products as well as the websites name suggests, lots of reasonably discounted fragrances too..I also enjoy the fact that they definitely keep updating their products and so there’s always  new items when I visit…

2.) Direct Cosmetics (


This site I love for the drastically cheap prices ( Estée Lauder blush £5.99!!omg!, Clinique chubby stick £3.99!)they have on certain high end items. For instance I purchased the Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream for a few pounds and have never found it cheaper.The higher end products are at lower prices because some products may not be in it’s original packaging or damaged packaging.For instance I purchased the Elizabeth Arden eye makeup remover for a couple of pounds, Clinique mascara (which I absolutely love but both items had no box !) & an Elizabeth Arden palette ( lid was missing) for £4.99. They also stock a lot of fragrances like Fragrance Direct at discounted prices.

Also as shown above the Revlon just bitten lip stains are £1.99!!!…however they don’t have all the shades but some of them like my favourite; lovesick… So definitely worth checking out.:)

UK shipping is £1.95 and there is the option to pay with PayPal which I always prefer….

3) Eastendcosmetics (

This site I was just browsing and fell in love with it ( 🙂 ) when I saw that they stocked Covergirl. We always want to try products we can’t get in the UK, just the way the US beauty lovers want Sleek makeup and Makeup Revolution….and so I picked up the Olay & covergirl foundation and Covergirl aqua smoothers cream foundation for £4.99 each.They are Excellent full coverage foundations that I enjoy using from my collection and would not have been able to try them if they did not stock them sometimes they have makeup that you can’t get in the UK. Also discontinued makeup like the Revlon bare it all lustrous lotion (only £2.99) is fantastic and a beautiful liquid highlighter.

Standard delivery UK for orders below 750g is £1.95 but they do free UK shipping for orders over £10 and also have the option to pay through Paypal.

Cosmetic fairy(

This site is probably the most cheapest  cosmetics site of them all. Items cost 35p to 49p and many items are 99p. On top of this ridiculously inexpensive cost there are 3 for 2 offers on some of the items. Another bonus to this site is that with £10+ orders shipping is free (£2.50 if under £10 and they also offer international shipping,please check websites for more details + they don’t have the option to pay through paypal)). Not to mention I purchased my very much  loved Coty Airspun powder from this site for £4.99 🙂

This site regardless of the fact that it doesn’t have as much product variety as websites like Fragrance direct, it’s fantastic because younger teens, those that are just discovering makeup or those that don’t like spending too much can pick up quite  a few inexpensive products for  £10! (Like for instance the NYC mosaic powder is only 99p!)

Also all sites mentioned do stock fragrances, skincare, and other accessories too so you will find other items other than just makeup…

Things to note before shopping online:

Sometimes you get products that have been discontinued or they may stock only a few items of a product so you may not be able to repurchase a product that you liked a lot.
And because of that you sometimes need to purchase an item ASAP as the next day it maybe out of stock or taken off because of the limited supply. Also there will only be some colours available in foundations and a few colours/tones in lipsticks, blushers etc…which is a downside but I’m sure there will be something you like 🙂


I would also like to add that I had no problem with delivery from any of the websites mentioned in this post, and items were packaged well and arrived in 2-7 days.

Other sites that stock good makeup products : ,, have Milani makeup-) – I have not purchased from these online stores yet so cannot tell you about my experience.

A new website (stocks a lot of Milani,LA girl, etc) I think they were previously owners of Elf UK (-but don’t quote me on that…) -fantastic shipping price to the UK, only a few dollars, probably the cheapest I’ve seen as beautybay  and camerareadycosmetics have fantastic products and a large variety but are quite expensive. Also cherry culture is kind of expensive but they always do great offers and even free international shipping so you just need to snatch it up then and put your order through when there is offers….

Other places I shop online are Elf, makeuprevolutionstore, MUA, and Feel Unique which are all very well known online stores so no need to go in detail as everybody shops from there:) Also Ebay stores are fantastic places to shop and find beauty & makeup from all around the world- like the 15 piece Jessup brush set.

Other Places (apart from online shops)  to find inexpensive/US branded makeup

Another Place I search for makeup is my beloved TKmaxx… I always find fantastic deals because of the discounted prices and rummage through the make up and find bare minerals, Illamasqua & physicians formula….

So that’s it guys, also don’t forget to check out sites like Tesco, Asda, Asos for makeup! They have the most amazing deals at times… I have purchased foundations for less than half price with free click and collect which is just awesome!

And last but not least pop into Poundaland and all pound shops as they do have amazing little gems! I have found lots of  Rimmel, Revlon, Clearasil products- even my fantastic neutrogenia SPF 35 sunscreen is from the 99p store  and so highly recommend!. Brilliant.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and these are just my opinions of which online stores I recommend. Also all  pictures have been taken from the actual websites.

Thanks for reading! X



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