Budget beauty Edition!! Ebay Jessup 15 piece brush set review (AMAZING!) #2

Hey Lovelies,

Today’s review is on an amazing brush set I recently bought from ebay!!….I am so impressed with the quality,finish and the range of brushes that are included in this set that I thought I should review and share them to all of you as soon as I have had a chance to use them a bit.

my jessup

(The picture above has been taken from ebay’s site^)*

I had previously bought the Jessup 10 piece kabuki style brush set and enjoyed using them and actually thought 1 of them is a close dupe to the amazing Sigma F80(-that Ebay brush set is amazing too- all foundation & concealer type brushes) and so I decided to pick up the 15 piece Jessup brush set.

I purchased it for £11.30(approx) with free international shipping.(-but now they are cheaper,I think about £10- eBay seller ccc_gadget is selling it for £9.45!) The brush set came in plastic packaging, and each brush was packaged too…

They originally come from china but I did pay for them in dollars to pound conversion so it could be from a US seller, nevertheless they were still very cheap and cheerful!

The brush set looks luxurious with purple & gold detailing and is well made and pretty sturdy…they are also available in black,pink,blue etc).

The set contains soft face brushes: duo fibre powder/blush,tapered face brush, large powder and another smaller powder/blush brush(-from left to right- these are what the brushes are called so you can decide how you want to use each one) and also have a  good range of eyes brushes.

These eye brushes are the ones I really enjoy using from the whole set. It isn’t quite often that you can find a decent short shader, small tapered blending brush, small eyeliner brush(-this isn’t amazing but does the job!), concealer brush(-the orange bristles) and flat definer (which is great for eyebrows) in such a inexpensive set! and so I was delighted that it had these…

Next these 2 brushes are just outstanding! These are the tapered highlight and large fluff brush (left to right) and are amazing for a number of uses. The large fluff brush is dense and blends out concealer really well…and the tapered highlight brush  is fantastic for applying blush,bronzer,contouring(-because it’s tapered) & highlighting so an all-round good multitasking brush.

The rest of the brushes (-which are another 2 blending brushes-there’s 3 in the set but you always need more of these which is good, and a large concealer brush- which looks like a foundation brush and works well at applying concealer under the eyes) all serve some purpose and so there isn’t any bad or flimsy brushes (even the lip brush is good!) in this set like you find in some larger inexpensive brush sets. Another bonus is that they all have the use of each brush written on the handle which is especially good for those who are starting out in makeup.

They even have the holders on each brush as shown in the picture above to keep the shape of them in place- this was really helpful especially when I washed them when they first arrived (-oh and make sure you do wash them as they do have that plastic-y smell that all brushes do when bought from China!).

Also an added bonus is the fancy colour and style of the brushes as they look lovely on your vanity! 🙂

So this was a good buy, definite dupes for sigma brushes and so I highly recommend. In my opinion the only brush that is missing from this set is a kabuki style dense brush for foundation! However if you use a beauty blender/ real techniques sponge or you’ve purchased the kabuki set then this set is all you would need to complete the rest of your makeup! Fantastic. 🙂

I also have another Ebay brush set that I’m also really enjoying and will be doing a review very soon, so keep a look out for that…

Please let me know if you have any recommendations in the comments below or you have tried this set and your thoughts…x

Thanks for reading x

sabZ x


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