Favourite summer foundation series: Mac face and body review C3 #1  

    ~Natural satin-shine finish. Skin conditioning, water -resistant and long-wearing’ (from mac website)~

My skin type: I’m usually normal to combination skin…I can usually use a matte or dewy foundation when my skin is normal, However at times my skin does become dehydrated and dry….and other times I get an oily T-zone!! & so I usually don’t stick to a specific type of foundation and just use foundations that fit the look I am going for and take into account my skins needs and use whichever foundation is appropriate ( in winter my skin is more dry and summer it becomes more oily)

Sometimes I’m all about that jlo glow and want dewy skin and highlighter or a natural look with minimal foundation and on some days want to use a matte foundation and wear heavy eye make up!- a full on glam look:)Hence I’ll be reviewing all sorts of foundations and let you know what will work for who…. I thought I’d start with Mac’s face & body as I’ve been using it for over a year now and still love it quite a bit….:) and this is the perfect timing for this post as summer is here…

Packaging & price?

The foundation is packaged in a sturdy plastic bottle with a nib like opening to dispense product. I find this very convenient as it allows us to control the amount of product coming out. Also the packaging is travel friendly and you can purchase the small 50ml bottle if you want to try it out or have many foundations in your collection.

I purchased it in the 120ml for £27ish  (can’t remember exactly) a year ago but definitely has increased.Regardless of this in my opinion it is not too expensive as you get a lot for the amount paid.

The 50ml currently retails for £21.50.

Colour selection & my colour in this foundation?

I bought this foundation online and usually I’m an NC40 in Mac foundations…However I picked up C3 in this foundation which I worried would be too light. I think C4/5 would have been better but because of the consistency and sheerness of the product it is forgiving and I can still make it work!!:)

Amount of product?

I bought the 120ml bottle as I thought it was fantastic for the price!! your getting 4 x the normal amount (30ml) of foundation so it will last long! However if you have so many foundations like me than your better off getting the 50ml. The foundation does need building up if you want good coverage so you will get through it and I love using it in the summer months so it should be ok…saying that I have used it for over a year (not all the time) and still have half left..( plus it’s better to get a small bottle to see if you actually like it!and purchase the big one if you fall in love… Or even better is to try and get a sample before purchase :))

Consistency and blend-ability of foundation & finish

The consistency of this foundation is very liquidy as it is a water-based foundation, it will run on your hand and drop off if your not careful!!:O…. Hence its very easy to blend. I like to use my real techniques buffing brush but you can use fingers for more coverage as I’ve heard that it thickens the product allowing it to give more coverage (However I just hate using my fingers for foundation and NevER get the flawless finish I want!!)..

The brush application gives a beautiful finish….but remember to wait until the layers dry before applying more foundation as this is how you will be able to build up coverage because of  the wet/ slippery consistency.After a few layers you do achieve a nice medium coverage.

In terms of finish I would say it gives a lovely dewy finish. This foundation really does give that perfected skin like finish and just evens out the skin and gives a sheen & healthy glow to the face.

What’s the coverage like?

I would say this foundation is from a light to medium coverage.I’d say light with 1 layer, it evens out the skin but shows freckles and imperfections- This would be great for those no makeup makeup days, or even when you want to wear something to the gym then this would be great!

However after letting each layer dry you can build up the coverage to a medium… But saying that this will not cover up acne scars/acne or hyper pigmentation. You may want to use a concealer on areas that require more coverage and use the foundation on the rest of the face which will give a beautiful satin skin like finish like Mac cosmetics mention on their website. 

However please note that those of you who are used to a full coverage foundation (like Mac studio fix foundation,cream foundations, Covergirl 3 in 1,Estee Lauder etc) will feel like this is a tinted moisturizer with little to no coverage so I would just pass…lol 🙂

Longevity!!!?!! most important factor I look for in foundation!

I would say it probably lasts on me for about 8-9 hours,which is great but I must mention that I do set it with a good powder like mac’s mineralise skin finish and love the perfected skin like finish…If I dont set it I feel like it fades away after a few hours and also don’t like the feel of it without powder.

Also not to mention it’s water resistant so great for the body too…..if you need something to cover when at the beach! so this is a light weight, skin like natural looking foundation for everyday use with a beautiful finish! doesn’t look made up and so if that’s what you’re  looking  for then I highly recommend………:))

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