Dupe alert! Loreal infallible mattifying primer (dupe for Belle pierre HD primer or even Smashbox photo finish primer!)

Hey guys,

Today I bring you another dupe post for my all time favourite Belle Pierre HD primer.


I had been waiting for the release of the Loreal infallible range to launch here in the UK and couldn’t wait to get my hands on them when I saw them in Superdrug.

I picked up the Loreal 24hr matte infallible foundation aswell(-which I am enjoying sooo much, that I can probably state that it’s one of the best drug store foundations I have tried- definitely will do a full review on it soon).

Now coming back to today’s review, I immediately felt that Loreal infallible mattifying primer was similar to my Belle Pierre HD primer. I purchased this primer along with the mineral foundation  and enjoy using it but only use it for special occasions as the primer alone is priced at £36.00(feel unique) but prices vary (£28.00 inc p&p -QVC). It provides a flawless velvet finish to the skin and minimizes pores and fine lines.Also you need very little of this product for the whole face and a little goes a long way. It also definitely controls shine and my T-zone doesn’t get as oily as it would without the primer. This is a fantastic primer apart from the steep price tag, and for some the availability is a problem as you can only purchase it on-line.

 In comparison, the Loreal infallible primer is reasonably priced and retails for £6.99-£7.99 (sometimes on offer ) and I got it at £7.99 but on a 3 for 2 mix and match offer in Superdrug. (Usually Loreal foundations & primers retails for £10.99+)


Moving on to the actual product, the consistency of the Loreal primer is a little more liquid-y than the Belle Pierre (as the belle Pierre is more a thick gel like consistency) but nevertheless performs just as well as the Belle Pierre HD  primer.

The Loreal primer applies beautifully on the skin filling pores and leaves the face feeling velvety soft. It also does mattify the face as it is intended to do…-I apply less than a pea size amount on the centre of my face, focusing on the t-zone area and spread it out evenly over the face. This provides a nice base to apply foundation over…

It definitely prolongs the wear of my foundation due to it’s  mattiyfying properties as it claims to do….. And so my foundation looks good throughout the day if applied over this primer:)


The other key differences to note is that I prefer the Loreal  primer packaging to the Belle Pierre as you can control the amount you want and squeeze out the desired amount. The nib is very small and so very little can be dispensed from the tube.. Moreover it is more hygienic as the Belle Pierre HD primer is in a jar (which is sometimes difficult to close too!) and you have to dip your fingers into the jar to get some product! (I usually use a cotton bud to take some out).

Moving on, I have heard that the Loreal primer is said to be a dupe for the Smash box photo finish too!( I’ve heard this in the bloggosphere/youtube)! In terms of consistency I couldn’t agree more as I have felt the Smashbox photo finish primer before in stores but do not know how well it performs. The Smashbox photo finish primer is very much hyped up and loved by many, and so if your on a budget than it’s definitely worth a try …I’m sure if you like silicone primers then you will enjoy this! 🙂

I can’t guarantee that the quality of the Loreal infallible primer will be an exact dupe to the more expensive products mentioned in this post( because sometimes the more expensive product can be a little better than the less expensive one but this still doesn’t justify the steep price tag!!)but however still is definitely a great alternative for those of you who don’t want to spend so much money on a primer.

So definitely recommended for those of you who have oily skin, or even normal combination skin as it does a good job filling pores and smoothing over any texture on the face from scarring/acne!

I must also mention that the combination of the Loreal 24hr matte  foundation with the Loreal mattiyfying primer gives a  clean, fresh, flawless demi-matte airbrushed finish. It’s not for those of you who love a very glow-y finish to the skin but definitely in my opinion it is one of the best finishes I have achieved from a (highstreet-) drugstore foundation & primer..for more info keep an eye out for the Loreal foundation review.

So this is a recommendation from me but do  test it out before purchasing, I really enjoy it and in my opinion the best primer I’ve found in Boots/Superdrug….Delighted. 🙂

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