My top 3 favourite inexpensive face powders…

Today’s posts are on loose powders that I love to use to set my foundation and under eye concealer…I do have a few more but they are bit different to the ones I will be mentioning in this post and will be making a separate post for them…

My favorite powders are the Coty Airspun loose face powder; Becca fine loose finishing powder and the famous Ben Nye banana powder!!…

1. Coty Airspun loose face powder – honey beige 070-32   (2.3 oz/ 65g)

Why do I love it and who do I thinks it’s best for?

This powder I bought because of Tati on YouTube. She loves it to set make up and so when I saw it for £4.99 on I thought I’d give it a go…The powder comes with 65g of product which is amazing and will last forever!!

The only downside to this powder is the packaging and for some people the smell might be a bit strong.

The packaging as shown in the picture makes it easy for product to get everywhere and if dropped you may spill a lot of it, so be careful or decant it in a better pot if it causes too much mess… The other thing is that it smells of the makeup/powders you used to get in the old days… Some say like a grandmas smell:) but hey not sure about that but I get that it’s an old fragrance… It is strong but does go away after application( note that there is a fragrance free version and get that if fragrance bothers you so much!)

The other thing is that I find this powder to be very matifying which means that you may use a heavy hand if oily skinned but use sparingly if your normal to combo skinned… I may advise dry skinned girls to avoid this as it may be too drying for there skin as that can happen to me if I apply too much..I use this powder all over my face, sometimes only on my t zone, and it sits nicely  and definitely prolongs the wear of my makeup and so highly recommend:)

Also note that sell this powder too for £4.99 and it’s free shipping if you spend £10 which is great! (so much more expensive on ebay/amazon!:O)

 2. Becca fine loose finishing powder- colour:sesame  (15g) (picture above)

Now this powder which is from quite a high end brand but I purchased it on fragrance direct for £5 which I thought was amazing…didn’t think much of it at the time and was in a spendy mood and thought I’d  give it a go and put in it my basket…

But fortunately to my surprise the powder is fantastic! It’s so finely milled(as the name suggests) that I think it would suit any type of skin. It sets foundation beautiful without looking like you have powder on hence why I love using this powder to set my under concealer ( along with a few others which I’ll be posting about later!!)…

This is ideal for setting high coverage foundations where you necessarily don’t want more coverage but just want something to remove the tackiness, shine or simply set it..Also just like the Coty powder the packaging isn’t great and the lid comes off very easily!!…but it is smaller than normal loose powders which is good.I highly recommend this if you can get hold of it but I do think it’s discontinued hence why it was so cheap:)

but do have a look around….

3. The famous Ben Nye banana  luxury powder (1.5 oz. 42gm) (picture above)

Now I really don’t need to review this product as it everyone’s favourite and you can read so much about it in the bloggersphere/YouTube & so the question is

Why do I enjoy using it so much?

Well apart from it being light weight & finely milled too it really highlights areas you set… And so after I apply concealer to highlight and I want to set it I will use this powder. I use it at times all over my face too especially if the foundation colour is a a bit off, this helps bring the yellow undertone back into the skin…in comparison to the Becca loose powder this powder is much more yellow and so works well in giving brightness too…I purchased this powder at camera ready cosmetics for around about £10 (not sure if the price has increased) and for 42gms of product I think its really worth it… The site is really good with a wide selection of products but shipping can be a bit expensive if your buy just 1-2 items!! But I would still say it is worth it…. as this pot has lasted me for over a year and I still have about 1/3 left…Also to note this powder has no fragrance and so maybe perfect for those of you who dislike fragrance in face products…

And so that’s about it guys, hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know what your favouRITES ARE!:)!! x



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  1. April 29, 2015 / 9:15 pm

    Hey that was a good review and it nearly answered all my questions, just so I can relate, what skin type would you say these are suitable for? I have pretty dry skin, not visible, but its tight and I know its thirsty for some Radiance. Would you say they would suit me?

    • April 29, 2015 / 9:35 pm

      Powders generally will enhance dry skin so I wouldn’t use any (but I have combination skin so powder my T-zone) However if you need powder to set your foundation then I would recommend the Becca fine loose powder as its very finely milled and light weight…and would work for any skin type.

      Also for dry skin try the Bourjois java rice loose powder which is illuminating and adds a beautiful glow!(smells good too- I love it to set my concealer)
      I should have a post on illuminating/radiance powders soon so keep a look out for that!

      Thanks for reading.x

      • May 2, 2015 / 5:02 pm

        I definitely recommend the Makeup revolution Radiance palette! its beautiful at an amazing price!

        Thanks for reading x

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