Estée Lauder maximum coverage foundation review!- definitely a high coverage concealer!


Today’s post is a follow up to the Correctors post for under eyes circles and hyper pigmentation.

I have been so impressed with Estée Lauders maximum coverage foundation that I just had to review it for those of you on the search for high coverage bases.

Now to start off I must mention that for me this foundation was too pigmented to use alone as foundation and so I used it by mixing it with moisturiser and still found it to give me full coverage- still too much that I felt like I was wearing a mask..(covered all my freckles,evened out skin etc)- especially now that I’m loving natural and lighter foundations!!

So for me this was only a high coverage concealer…it’s amazing at highlighting under the eyes especially because I have extremely dark under eye circles..

The lighter swatch is in creamy tan which is a bit lighter than my skin tone -I think I may have to go a shade darker if I was to use this all over, however the time I did use it, I bronzed up the skin to even things out and as I added moisturiser the colour wasn’t too bad…

The darker shade swatched is in 4N2 Spiced sand and is definitely darker than my skin tone but acts as an amazing corrector due to its orangey brown undertone..





However the creamy tan shade works really well to highlight the under eye area and lasts really well.


Also a point to remember, is less is more with this product and so use very little and build up if required. Also make sure you get color matched at a counter because it is a full coverage foundation and so you need to get the exact colour match as it will be too visible on the skin and  look very made up.


The foundation does not need to be  set but be sure to buff in well.It does not need to be set and sets to a matte powdery finish.

The consistency of the foundation is like whipped cream.It is thick but has a fluffy texture and so doesn’t feel as heavy as some other very full coverage foundation’s I have.. (- however you  still can feel you are wearing it so if you dislike that then I advise you to stay away)


Also as the name states the foundation is very long-wearing and stays on for atleast 10 hours which is amazing for parties,long work days…etc


Note:  Ensure your skin is well moisturised before application as it can look dry and heavy if your skin isn’t in good condition- So make sure to exfoliate and prep the skin.

This product would also be great for those of you who enjoy using tinted moisturisers. You can add the amount of foundation to your moisturiser depending on the level you require or use it as a concealer.

For those who have combination skin (more dry) – use moisturiser + foundation + any liquid luminizer- for added luminosity) for best results as the foundation is very matte and can end up looking cakey if it isn’t applied properly.

Also to add I like the packaging of the products as it’s in a nice gold /navy blue squeeze tube and allows you to dispense very little of the product.

This foundation retails for £29.50 but feel unique have some of the shades for £17. This product will definitely last very long as it’s very pigmented.


So I highly recommend this for those of you that have major discolouration & need covering up or just enjoy a flawless,matte and full (very full) coverage finish.


I have another post in relation to this showing how this product will be amazing for those of you who suffer from acne/ acne scarring so keep a look out for that:)


Hope this helped…


Thanks  for reading x



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