Corrector recommendations for very dark circles and hyperpigmentation…

Hey lovelies,

Today I thought I would talk about my favorite sought after makeup product; Correctors…

For those of you that don’t really use them they are used to cover up or cancel out hyper pigmentation/melasma or in my instance severe dark circles!! (Refer to a colour wheel to see what colour corresponds to your needs)

I suffer from severe dark circles and from what I remember have had them from quite a young age and so realise that they are hereditary but have definitely gotten worse with a combination of factors which may include my bad sleeping pattern and not drinking enough water…and a ton of other things…:/

Hence I’m always on the look out for good concealers and Correctors. I guess my love for correctors :O all started because I started getting paranoid when I would just be running some errands/popping to the grocery store and not wear any concealer/makeup and the 10th person that you end up seeing (god why?you wish you saw nobody?!!?)  would ask what’s wrong? Or why you look so tired? Or the worst one..’you look ill’ :/ don’t worry guys I totally understand:),..and that’s why I don’t leave my house with atleast concealer & corrector! ha (and some lip balm and mascara- the no makeup makeup look for me:))

Moving on to the actual topic I’ll be covering Correctors for medium to dark skin tones and maybe 1 that will work for lighter tones…

        Now what I find by using a orange/peach corrector is I tend to use less concealer and foundation… 

The problems I face with my skin is that it’s not even (I’m sure all the Asian/Indian/tanner skinned girls understand:/) and to get that flawless finish a corrector corrects/covers that pigmentation allowing the concealer and foundation to give even more coverage to achieve that flawless even base/canvas. …(that some girls already have even before applying foundation :o)

Sometimes if I use concealers that is a bit lighter than my skin colour to highlight then it can look very grey and the under eye shadow will still be visible and look worse than without any concealer…and that’s why I’d like to show you the correctors that I would recommend.. 

From top to bottom: NYX above and beyond full coverage / illamasqua emerge cream pigment /fashion fair cream wheel pigment -dark 

1) Illamasqua emerge cream pigment 

This is a cream pigment which can be used for a variety of things..and one of them is as a corrector… It’s fantastic in cancelling out the blue/ purple/brown under eyes, my under eyes are dark brown and it works well…and also on top of the lids or as a primer…

I’m guessing it will be great on any other pigmentation or spots because it works well under the eyes. 

This pigment is a light peachy colour and will work with light to medium skin tones too… The formula may seem a little drying but I warm it up a bit with my fingers before application…

This does crease a little bit but after applying concealer just make sure to set it with some powder.

This cream pigment retails for £17.50 on the illamasqua website but I purchased mine for £7 in the illamasqua 70% off sale:0 bargain!:) However I still think it’s worth it for the price and you get 8g plus as it’s cream a little goes a long way…

Note: where credit is due it must be given and so please have a look at makeupwithraji on YouTube, she does amazing videos to cover up pigmentation and she does recommend this too…

2) Fashion fair cream concealer wheel

As you can see from the pictures  I have hit pan on the orange side!!:) 

I really do love this corrector as it’s a tad stickier than the Illamasqua or NYX and  and so lasts a bit longer than the NYX…

This retails for £15 at debenhams! (But as I’m the queen of bargains I purchased it off eBay for under £4!!- not sure if it’s still available at that price but I’ll find out if anybody wants me to)

Also note that the dark concealer is excellent for contour and light concealer is nice for blemishes and eyebrow highlight so you do get 2 concealers and 1 orange corrector for that price.

This also requires a good pigmented concealer to cover the orange pigment and needs to be set with powder to minimise creasing.

3) NYX high coverage concealer orange 

This is an excellent inexpensive orange concealer which many other high street/drugstore brands do not do! 

This usually retails for £5-£6 on the NYX UK website and has lasted me for absolutely ages… 

The orange is a bit brighter than the fashion fair orange corrector and a bit more creamier…

This  also requires a good pigmented concealer to cover the orange and  gives a lovely flawless finish…

4) Bobby Brown corrector ~ dark peach 

This is the famous bobby brown corrector that every blogger and YouTube guru raves about… And doesn’t really need my review.. It is expensive  and retails for £19 and only contains 1.4g. 

However regardless of how much you get for the amount you pay for, it definitely works well and unlike the others mentioned you cannot see the peach colour once applied under the eyes…some people don’t apply concealer on top and think it’s sufficient…

This corrector beautifully corrects without leaving the colour behind and so can use very little concealer on top to brighten up the under eye area…

However I find that this corrector does crease too and so make sure to set it with a fine powder.

Note: I didn’t show any swatches of the bobby brown corrector as I finished this product before and didn’t re-purchase because I would like to try others but would definitely recommend.

Overall thoughts….

In terms of longevity I think they all roughly last the same time and some last better than others when a good lasting concealer is applied on top ( some favourites would be; mac prolong wear nc35 & LA pro conceal-pure beige,Maybelline fit me- 35,Maybelline dark circle eraser-nude & collection lasting finish concealer- dark )  

A tip when applying correctors is to tap them on the areas required and in thin layers- remember less is more…..You should try to not swipe them on as the orange/ peach pigment should be visible and then apply concealer on top! 

Another tip is that try to find darker concealers that have an orangey undertone, some darker concealers do and work really well. The LA pro conceal concealer-in the shade warm honey & Mac prolong wear in the NW range (I used NW35) act like Correctors too and so you would need to apply a lighter concealer on top for a flawless brighter under eye.

And so I definitely recommend a orange concealer if your struggling to cover up under eye dark circles or dark pigmentation around the mouth or even dark acne scars…

Next on the list to try out is the Vasanti wonders of the world duo (recommended by makeupwithraji) and LA pro conceal have an orange shade released in the US so I’m definitely looking out for that as I love the concealers in that range:)

and for those of you with a lighter skin tone, there are different shades of correctors for you aswell. If you suffer from  dark circles or pigmentation then from research I found that: 

  • *blue under eyes – orange based concealer
  • *purple/blue- salmon based concealer
  • *purple under eyes circles – yellow based concealer

(However I only see dark brown circles under my eyes:( and maybe that is a combination of blue and purple hence why orange and  dark peach works for me:)….

Next post will be on a new find; a very full coverage concealer/foundation that I’m really loving! And would like to dedicate a post solely to it:))

Keep a look out for that next guys…. 

Hope this was useful and let me know in the comments below what other correctors you would recommend? X


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